Simple Collisions between Sprites

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  • Hello, this is my first question but I have spent about half of a month tinkering with Construct.

    When you load up the demo file for the alien shooter thingy and test it, the enemies keep overlapping each other and the player also. I tried making them solids and it worked(I removed the destroy the player when colliding with monster part). Partially. The character collides with the enemies perfectly, bumping each other like real life. But the collision between aliens are not fixed. I tried the bounce option in the bullet behavior, but it doesn't look good. They keep glitching each other. What I want is for them to have the same collision between them just like when the player collides with the alien.

    Help please :)

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  • Help please? Just imagine a player who is blocked by an immovable wall sprite with a solid behavior. Only difference is that the player is the monster and the wall is another monster and both are moving.

  • Post a CAPX of your project so others can help, also, you may need to wait for more than 30 minutes to get help. Not everyone just sites here and waits to jump on questions. Bumping your own post will actually more likely get a negative response. When asking questions on how to fix something always include a link to the CAPX file from dropbox or something similar.

  • Okay here it is. Sorry it's my first time.

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