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  • Hi,

    How can I set up a signalling server on my website. Using my website's hosting?

    Is it possible, at all? Or I have to run it on my personal machine and re-direct my hostname to my IP, use portforwarding and all other crap that come with it.


    I found this is this the answer to my question?

  • I would contact your host's support for information. The signalling server also has a readme with more information. However I'd recommend against hosting your own server if you're not sure how to do it - it is easy to set up a server which has worse connectivity than the Scirra one. For example unless you set up a secure server with TLS and certificates and all that, a proportion of users will not be able to connect.

  • Thanks for the reply Ashley.

    I have SSL certificate on my hosting (it's godaddy). I don't think there will be a problem with connectivity or security or setting it up. I was just wondering if I can do it using my website's hosting. Or do I need a dedicated Linux/Windows/Mac machine with real IP. Or the other option of course Virtual Server.

  • Ok, so, I managed to install node.js and npm on my website's hosting. Using these instructions

    However when I try to install the signalling server I bought from scirra I get an error/warning. The readme file states:

    Install node.js from for Windows, Mac or Linux.
    Once installed, install the dependencies with:
    npm install ws
    npm install colors
    I have node.js and npm installed, but when I try to install ws I get the following output:
    [~]$ node --version
    [~]$ npm --version
    [~]$ npm install ws
    `-- wsyzp@2.2.0
      `-- ultronyzp@1.1.0
    npm WARN enoent ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/home/username/package.json'
    npm WARN username No description
    npm WARN username No repository field.
    npm WARN username No README data
    npm WARN username No license field.
    Can anyone explain to me what's the issue here?
    I didn't get any package.json with the signalling server from scirra.
  • Great, buy a signalling server from Scirra, and it will not work and you'll get NO support what-so-ever.

  • You might get better responsiveness by emailing directly rather than leaving a post on the forums.

    Although I don't understand why you would purchase the signalling server if you were not prepared to run it on your own dedicated server, especially since Scirra provides a high quality free one. All of these considerations were laid out very clearly on the store page.

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  • Because it was cheap

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