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  • Hi,

    How can I set up a signalling server on my website. Using my website's hosting?

    Is it possible, at all? Or I have to run it on my personal machine and re-direct my hostname to my IP, use portforwarding and all other crap that come with it.


    I found this is this the answer to my question?

  • I would contact your host's support for information. The signalling server also has a readme with more information. However I'd recommend against hosting your own server if you're not sure how to do it - it is easy to set up a server which has worse connectivity than the Scirra one. For example unless you set up a secure server with TLS and certificates and all that, a proportion of users will not be able to connect.

  • Thanks for the reply Ashley.

    I have SSL certificate on my hosting (it's godaddy). I don't think there will be a problem with connectivity or security or setting it up. I was just wondering if I can do it using my website's hosting. Or do I need a dedicated Linux/Windows/Mac machine with real IP. Or the other option of course Virtual Server.

  • Ok, so, I managed to install node.js and npm on my website's hosting. Using these instructions

    However when I try to install the signalling server I bought from scirra I get an error/warning. The readme file states:

    Install node.js from for Windows, Mac or Linux.[/p] [/p] Once installed, install the dependencies with:[/p] [/p] npm install ws[/p] npm install colors[/p] [/p] [/code:1ue5luyn][/p] [/p] I have node.js and npm installed, but when I try to install ws I get the following output:[/p] [code:1ue5luyn][/p] [~]$ node --version[/p] v6.10.0[/p] [~]$ npm --version[/p] 3.10.10[/p] [~]$ npm install ws[/p] /home/username[/p] `-- wsbpx@2.2.0[/p] `-- ultronbpx@1.1.0[/p] [/p] npm WARN enoent ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/home/username/package.json'[/p] npm WARN username No description[/p] npm WARN username No repository field.[/p] npm WARN username No README data[/p] npm WARN username No license field.[/p] [/p] [/code:1ue5luyn][/p] [/p] Can anyone explain to me what's the issue here?[/p] I didn't get any package.json with the signalling server from scirra.

  • Great, buy a signalling server from Scirra, and it will not work and you'll get NO support what-so-ever.

  • You might get better responsiveness by emailing directly rather than leaving a post on the forums.

    Although I don't understand why you would purchase the signalling server if you were not prepared to run it on your own dedicated server, especially since Scirra provides a high quality free one. All of these considerations were laid out very clearly on the store page.

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  • Because it was cheap

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