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  • Hello,

    I am working on a sign that will have flashing lights on it. The border of the sign has a series of "lights" comprised of two with the light off and one with the light on. Here is an example:

    On - Off - On - Off




    On - Off - On - Off

    I thought I could use an event that for every 1 second, the "on" sprite is destroyed an an "off" sprite is spawned in its place. At the same time, the "off" sprite is destroyed and replaced with an "on" sprite. I've tried a few different ways, but the only result I get is for the sprites to be destroyed. Nothing is spawned in their place.

  • If I understand you right - would you not be better just using a simple animation ?

    (for example - no laughing at the graphics !)

    If you are looking at something more complex then I think more information/capx is needed.

  • I took a look at using animations, but thus far in my experience with this program (I'd say maybe around 6 or 7 hours at this point total), I'm not sure how to use them. I have two images/sprites. I just want to swipe one out for the other and vice-versa repeatedly.

    Thanks again.

  • why not set animation to loop and speed to 1 sec. or so?

  • Look at this and see if you can learn from it

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  • Thanks, guys. I was able to figure out how to use animation to solve this problem.

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