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  • Hi all

    Im new to construct 2, just bought the software and made my game all perfect no probs what so evere but...

    Someon can help me or show me step by step how to sign my unrelease apk from cocoon?

    Ive checked all forums of constructs 2 and ludeis and youtube, youtube tried all sorts of programs and nothing when uploading to play store its says error apk needs to be signed.

    Also ludeijust sends me to android web page and i don?t get to understand the steps there.

    I did some other apps on appinventor and used apptomarket with one click everything used to work perfect but with cocoon cant be used also gets errors.

    thanks in advance

  • From the Ludei wiki page:

  • thanks anyway ive sorted it out here it explains everything clearer than in any place ive looked thanks to everyone specialy to stevo301103 for his fantastic tutorial:

    My Game has been acepted by play store. Got it SIGNED!!! At last <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Anyone who wants to check out i even uploaded a video on the play store name of the game: Ghouls_N_Zombies, by the way im not advertising my game or anything like that is just to see that i made it with construct 2/cocoon and signing method of Stevo301103.

    Had to realy dig up to look for this, im just wondering if i can leave this post here so that new people like me find this easier from here than look for it over there ive been 2 days searching all over the internet.

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  • eltiburon Update the title of this thread and put [Solved] at the beginning of the title. That will help others find it.

  • ok thanks for that BluePhaze

  • Now I still have one more error coming up through when i install the new apk signed from the laptop to the sd card on the phone there is no problem, but when i instal through play store it says error file not signed properly it comletes the download and then when its trying to install it says the error. anyone can help with that?

  • Ok All errors got fixed after uninstaling java 7, and resign the apk with java 6. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Supremely awesome, Wish I found this before my friend(programmer) left-fingers crossed.

  • Where does it store your signed apk, that's the big question

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