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  • Hey guys

    Im working on a sidescroller for iOS atm.

    The character is ment to walk automatically on the x-axis and has to jump if the player hits the screen.

    What i did so far:

    I created a player sprite and gave him a platform behaviour. I made a touch event which lets the player jump (platform behaviour preset) if the screen is on touch.

    I made another event which sets the character position every 0.1seconds to X= player.X +1 so the character is constantly moving in one direction. I'm pretty happy with that result since i can easily adjust the player speed if i change the addition to the player.X value. but i wanted to ask you guys if there were any better ways to achieve this.? My second thought was to let the character have a bullet behaviour and let it "fly" in the +X direction. Has any of you done something like this? We could exchange experiences .

    Secondly i want to generate my levels with a random world ganarator. But my concern is that i want to generate it the same way everytime i start the level. If i understood that right i could set another seed for each level.?

    My worlds first attempt was to just make a layout with like 680x3000 resolution and position my obstacles on the map. Is this method bad because of the long render time?

    If needed i will upload a capx. As soon as i can.



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  • I've created something similar to what your trying to achieve.

    In my own personal case I was building a side scroller running game where the user had to jump over obstacles to reach the goal.

    I created a variable that would be used as a switch (0 = Stop, 1 = Run)

    In the event sheet while this variable = 1 the player would simulate platform run.

    This saved me from worrying about all the 60 * DT I would have to do if I tried to create my own movement controls.

    My own version of this was a large layout width, I never tried using custom seeds to generate levels

  • Richard Stennett

    this sounds like a pretty good idea, i suppose even better than mine, thank you. Do you think the huge layout width will cause perfomance issues on mobile Platforms like iOS or did you try this?

    Since you did more or less what i want to do, may i ask you what tool did you use for the animation and sprite creation?

    I have started to play around with "Spriter" from brashmonkey, but i havent really found the tool to actually draw my characters and stuff. I started with photoshop because i got some pretty decent photoshop skills in other Photoshop features but i didn't feel that comfotable with drawing my stuff. Could you recommend me something?

    thanks for your help

  • philx

    Mobile testing was fine with the larger layout, images that tried to fill the background though caused some issues with black lines appearing or images not appearing at all.

    The fix to this was to use a tiled background, I know this sounds simple but we overlooked this very simple step. (Tested on iOS and Android using CoccoonJS)

    As for character animations and sprite creations, I had a friend draw them up on Photoshop. We only used 6 sprites for the running animation (3 rear leg forward) (3 forward leg forward)then played with speed settings to get a desired result.

    If I was to draw my own sprites (Depending on the style of game you want) I could suggest Photoshop or Gimp for detailed sprites, for pixel art or some sort of drawing tab or app for a middle ground.

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