How do I make a sidebar like in C&C games?

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  • Hi there! I can't understand how do i make a functional sidebar like in C&C games? How I do the tabs, how do I the construction buildings process, how do I make a possibillity to move icons on sidebar up a nd down, e.t.c...

    Please, help!

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  • First id would break down each sprite and ask yourself what will this sprite represent.

    Its most likely a side bar using global layer using a Based sprite which is the ones without the little army icon and then have something like image point to each square. And the sidebar itself must be using variable for each image point to use custom icon movable and you can use drag n drop behavior. Also i see that each of the army icon have this weird math formula for the blue sprite on-top to ,I'm guessing alpha blue at 200 is the color, where the dial is in coordinated with the cool-down effect to visualized if it ready or not.

    And the army icon look like it has a click to action. That all i can see and if you want to make a side bar to pop out when you need it to. its really dead simple you might be suprise. That sidebar exist outside of the layout as a whole but isnt in the window screen and when you do need it to appear it just move in like you could do something like if tab is click move sidebar to the right at certain pixel and when you click x move it left.

    That as far as i can see. Now for building it that one tricky never did anything like that yet. So in other word you want help building an RTS style.

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