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  • I have a Global Variable ( score) and I add 1 to "Score" when I pick up a certain item. I set txt to ScoreTXT ( visible score on layout) and it works fine for Layout 1. On entering Layout 2 ( all layouts using the same Events Sheet) the ScoreTxt does not show (but the correct score is being kept). When the player picks up the right item on layout 2, I see the global score, but only then.

    How can I get the score to show on layout 2, and when the player gets the item, updated. So score shows 1 on layout 2, and on getting the right item, changes to 2 and so on. thx.

  • Do you have a 'On Start of Layout - show ScoreTXT' condition/action?

    It sounds like you only display on change, which is good, but you would still need to initially show the value, even if it's zero.

    If you already do this, then can you show your events or a .capx?

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  • I dont see any way to show the txt on start. thanks for your suggestion tho. It's visible and on the layout to begin.

  • got it. I had to also place the SET text to the on start of layout. zenox98 thank you for that suggestion, it kept me looking in that spot to understand it more.

    So for anyone reading this, if you're going to use 1 events sheet and many layouts, add the action of set text, that you're using to show the score, to the on start of layout as well.

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