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  • I have a sprite with several different animations, how can I show a particular one in the editor instead of the first one?

    Thank you

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  • There's no way to do this yet - can you get by with a 'Start of layout - set animation'?

  • Ashley, It's not a problem of runtime, but of edittime, it would've been useful to be able to switch between animation to have a preview on the editor, just that.

  • Hi Ashley, just found this topic because I need the same functionality for something I'm working on. In my particular case, I have a single object that is given multiple animations, and those animations are only set on runtime, but I'd like to pin other objects to them quite precisely.

    I'm sure I could find a workaround for now but it would be very handy if this feature could be implemented.

    Any idea if this could be included in a near release?

  • For right now, the only idea I can think of is to have a different sprite object and each object have one of the desired animations. Granted it's not the most efficient method, but it might be useful for testing purposes.

  • Necro-ing this again because, unless I've missed it entirely all this time, it was snuck in during a recent update.

    Under object properties there's now a property called initial frame :)

    Either way, this is brilliant - it might seem like a small thing but it'll make a big difference in this particular project. Thanks!

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