How do I show on my sitesome stats from every player

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  • For example : i want to show on my website how many time my game was ended, or how many times peoples die.

    I have already made a page with false stats here (everything is in french but that doesn't matter if you don't understand anything, it's just to show an example) :

    Can i simply use event or may i need a MySQL server ?

    I do not put example because I just want to know how can it be done? I would make it by miself.

  • Anyone ? Up pls

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  • Can i simply use event or may i need a MySQL server ?

    you need Ajax(in C2) to send "signal -I die"..php to add 1 to count and some place to store data..

    in this example I use text file to read & write data..but mysql database is better choice..

    fancy website

    php&txt file



    $file = ('deathCounter.txt');
    $death = file($file);
    $death[0] ++;
    $fp = fopen($file , "w");
    fputs($fp , "$death[0]");
    echo $death[0];
    in deathCounter.html
    [code:197hshgk]<h2>Morts au total  =  <?php
    echo file_get_contents("");
    open capx ..check death count on web page..kill player..refresh deathCounter.html page..
  • Ok thx

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