How to show replay lap (racing game)

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  • Ghost lap. I need to show a ghost car, representing the players last lap. I´ve butchered a capx made by R0J0hound shared on this thread:


    And my capx ... Ghost.capx

    Car moves to mouse clik.

    The car movement is recorded on a ghost image pined to the players car. It starts recording after it passes the green gate and stops after crossing the orange gate. Stop the car in between gates after completing one lap to watch the effect.

    That's the best i could manage. I need to extend it so i can:

    Store the "ghos lap" so it can be re-used.

    Control when the "ghost lap" playback starts (it should only starts when the player initiates a new lap or at a press of a key)

  • 24h Bump

    Still Strugling with this. Any thoughts welcome.

  • Well right now the playback plays when not recording..

    So instead of that event add other conditions, like on key press or on collision with start..

    You might want to add another condition so that when replay is playing recording is not happening..

    Some other changes you've made aren't really that easy to fix..

    I'm not really sure why you have created the ghost car, instead of doing it the way it was in the original capx..

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  • Thank you LittleStain

    The capx is a makeshift version of my game (its actually my first prototype following a question you answered that initiated the process, thanks)

    I´m usimg a ghost image so I don´t mess with the actual Car since most of my events point to it. Destroying it or creating other instances of it would mess the rest.

    That's why I can´t follow up on the original capx as it creates a new Mario instance and keeps the former as ghosts.

    I need to record a ghost for each lap the player starts and store it. I sense the trick must be around the creation of the ghost instances and managing the recording and playback without interfering with each other.

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