How do I show a random node from a XML

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    I'm trying to show a random question from a XML. The variable sporsmalsnr holds a random number. For each node a counter increments. Then I want to loop through all nodes, and show the node where counter = sporsmalsnr. Somehow it doesn't work, as it only shows the first question.

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  • Well, giving it the limitations (round(random(1,2))) will do that, as you're only letting it have one number and that is 1. Try making it (round(random(0,10)))

  • I have tested it. round(random(1,2)) gives integer 1 or 2. I have two questions in the XML, but only first question is showing.

    Even when question number is 2 and counter is 2, it just shows the first question anyway. So it seems that if they are similar, it starts from the first node.

  • Isn't it zero based? so 1st node is 0...2nd node is 1.. Try using round(random(0,1)) instead

  • XPath use 1-based index, so to get the first question, use this :

    For the 2nd :
    And so on so forth.
    In your case you could just ditch the for each node and directly use the action set text to :
    [code:1z9wnwkk]XML.StringValue("/questions/question[" & sporsmal & "]/@text")[/code:1z9wnwkk]
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