How do I show pubCenter interstitial ads

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  • I am using version 239 of Construct 2.

    I have a Windows app in the store that currently shows banner ads, and I see banner ads when debugging.

    Now I am trying to get it to show interstitial ads but couldn't find good tutorial on the forums for pubCenter.

    I have an interstitial add unit id.

    My game has 2 layouts. I would like to show the interstitial add after clicking the play button on the Title layout (not every time but maybe every fifth click).

    I've added Adcountdown with a default of 1

    On start of Layout I call pubCenter prepare interstitial add with the right ad unit

    On pubCenter On interstitial ad ready I set AdIsReady to 1

    On pubCenter On interstitial ad complete I go to the world layout

    When I click the play button I call a function ShowInterstitialAd

    The function will

    if adcountdown > 0 it decreases adcountdown by 1 and goes to the world layout

    else if AdIsReady then pubCenter.Show interstitial ad and reset the adcountdown counter

    else I go to the world layout.

    I see several 5 requests in the windows dashboard for the interstitial ad unit but 0 impressions, so it may be working, but I have yet to see an ad it could be a bug in my code, I am working on debugging that.

    Basically I want to know what the best practice is to show interstitial ads?

    If it is possible to show both Banner and interstitial ads at the same time and from the same pubCenter object?

    Are there other items to include in the Visual Studio project references?

  • After calling pubcenter prepare interstitial. The project is throwing an error.

    and I end up in pubcenters on interstitial error event. How can I see what the error is?

    I've double checked my application and Add unit id

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  • It just started working after a windows update. So I guess I have what I need unless someone has some examples of best practices. 'if not I will post what I end up with in case someone else needs something in the future

  • You have even a bigger issue than that. It wouldn't even let me install the app from the store on both my Windows 10 phone and PC..

  • I haven't had a problem installing on any of my computers. I haven't tried a phone.

    I did notice a lag on the On Key Down functions after a windows update that was causing some weird behavior but that seems to be a lot better now.

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