How do I show a progress bar based on level

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  • Hi all!

    I have a little question.

    I have some categories in my game which all have their own progress.

    So categorie one has 10 levels to complete.

    Categorie two has 20 levels to complete etc.

    On my start screen where you choose the categorie i want to have progress bars.

    So if a player is on level 4 of categorie one the progress bar has to be filled 40%.

    If a player is on level 3 at categorie two the bar has to be filled 15%.

    Any tips on how to create this?

    The level progress is saved in webstorages as the number itself.. So

    categorie 1 level 1 : "cat1" = 1

    categorie 2 level 4 : "cat2" = 4

    Thanks in advance!

  • Allardje - this should be pretty simple and very similar to health bars. I know there are many forum posts and tutorials on health bars. Like this:

    But essentially, I think you would just change the width of your progress bar sprite based upon the % progress.

  • Thanks for your awnser.

    I will try this soon once i get to that point again!

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  • So.. I'm at this point again and indeed i am thinking of setting the width to the % of progress.

    Now i need the right line to reach this.

    I am not getting my code to work.

    What i need to do is:

    Current progress amount / amount of total levels * 100

    So lets say if i got 144 levels and i'm at level 27 it would be:

    27/144*100 = 18.75%

    Than i set the width of my object to the percentage which in this case would be 18(.75)%

    Now as action i use:

    On start of layout : Set global value

    Than i got this problem where my code doens't want to work..

    I need to do the math in one line with 2 global variables.. I just dont now how to get my line working.

    What it has to be:

    GlobalVariable1 "dividing by" GlobalVariable2 "times" 100

    Can any one tell me how to get that line to work in my Set value as action?

    Also my set width would not work with: 20%, 12% etc..?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Allardje - without reinventing the wheel, how about looking at this other tutorial: ... -healthbar

  • Hi,

    Thanks i did look at it but somehow i forget to use the background for the bar..

    No i did have the background but ye.. Background.. Not the object

    Got it to work now!

    It is indeed a empty progress bar and the filler.

    Than the math i did in my previous post:

    27/144*100 But than as

    Filler > Set width:



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