How do I show memory usage and download size?

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  • On the status bar at the bottom, it used to show the download size and memory usage for a project. Now it just shows how many events there are.

    I've opened other capx files, and sometimes it shows it, sometimes it doesn't.

    I really want to see it because I am going to get started building my first level soon, and I want to know how I am doing.

    I've tried right clicking on the status bar, but everything is checked, and there is no option for memory use.

    It used to show memory size for this project, but now it doesn't. I'm not sure what I did to make it stop.

    I hate to make this my first post, but it's really bothering me. Thanks!

  • I am not entirley sure about this, but can't you just use the newly added debugger functionality to see how much memory/CPU power the game is consuming and just look at the file size on the exported/built app to see what the download size will be like?

    Of course, if you'd like this sort of feedback in real time while running the app without using the debugger, i'm sure that you could just create a text object on a static layer (always in the same position on screen) and update the text how often you desire...

    Something like:

    Every 0.1 seconds -> Set text to

    "Renderer: " & renderer & " FPS: " & fps & " Image memory: " & ImageMemoryUsage & " CPU use: " & cpuutilisation & " Objects: " & objectcount

    Which would show you the renderer being used (WebGL/canvas), the current frames per second, the memory used for images (works in WebGL only, apparently), the current CPU usage and the amount of objects...

    As for viewing the data in the editor, however, i am not sure...

  • Thanks, I actually already had a text showing something similar, though it did not have the memory and cpu added.

    I'd still like to figure out why the editor stopped showing the memory usage and download size though in the status bar. It was there when I started the project, and it made it very easy for me to see the effects of adding different sized sprites and backgrounds so I could figure out how to best optimize a level without having to leave the editor.

  • Happens to me too sometimes. Very odd.

  • It only shows the download size when it goes above a certain amount (100kb I think). Add a large image to your project and you should see it.

  • If it's not showing it then your probably not wasting much memory to begin with. It only appears after you go above a certain usage. As ramones posted, you could try placing a large sprite object (maybe something 2048x2048) and it should appear.

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  • Aha! That worked. I added a large image and my status bar showed the memory and size again. Sweet.

    I had recently deleted some sprites to clean things up a bit. I guess that's why it disappeared, it went below the minimum size.

    Thanks guys.

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