How do I show level after level completion

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  • Once the player completes the level I want the next level access button to show on the level select screen, but the level select screen is on another layout.

    How would I go about doing this?

    thanks for your help

  • With the simple Action System > Go to Layout ?

    Also, you may use global variable. For example, make a variable "Level1Completed", When the player finish the level 1, set Level1Completed value to 1 then go to the level select Layout.

    Here add an Event: If Level1Completed make the button appear...

  • Ah ok that is how I would of done it but didn't think using an action in one layout would effect another layout.

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  • This is the function of global variable

  • oh my, now I see what you mean I don't know what I was thinking... I think I was looking at it wrong.

    thanks for your help, very much appreciated.

  • I have made the level select screen using individual sprites rather than an array, but was wondering using the above advice how I can save the progress of the gamer i.e- Level unlocks using webstorage.

    At the moment I have it set so once the player completes a level a global variable called win1 is set to 1 and it makes the second level icon unlocked, but when I restart the game it all resets back to default.

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