How do I Show an Interstitial Ad with Crosswalk?

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  • My game is running in "Scale Inner" mode, Portrait orientation.....

    Banner ads from admob run just fine. I cannot get an interstitial ad to show up, i'm concerned it has to do with my "scale inner" mode the game is running in.

    I pre-load the interstitial ad, and only TRY to show it on a game over, but no luck.

    any help would be great, thanks!

  • can you screenshot your events for use to help out

    also did you add the banner ID and Interstitial ID's?

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  • volkiller730 On start of layout ---> pre-load interstitial

    (when a Game Over occurs)

    On interstitial recieved ---> Show interstitial

    the only thing that happens on "Game Over" is a few buttons are created, a score is posted, "what happens when you click" button events are in place. nothing that should interfere with anything additional being created.

    I have tried it with another game as well, that game is "Scale Outer", no idea why it won't show. It'd be nice if we could "place" it where ever we needed to.

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