How do I show an image through a layer above it?

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  • I have a few layers, each having an image placed on it. The images are on top of each other.

    Here is the problem: I want to make an image visible through one of the images in some layers above. The image on "layer 10" and "layer 11" has to be visible through the image on "layer 14" even if that image is above them both in layer order. I have quite a few layers that must stay in place covering the other images below so I wish not to change their order.

    Any suggestions is much appreciated!

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  • Only way you can do it without changing the layers is to make some of the other images invisible and toggle them on and off, or you can make the whole layer invisible.

  • If them are non moving sprites and dont have a function ( just a picture or wall)Just make a copy of the sprites from layer 10 and 11 and set them on layer 14 and set transparantsie to half toon or less or more depending on how mutch you whant to show the sprites if they and moving sprites then you have to do it in event sheet.

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