How do I show a Google Play Leaderboard

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  • Hi all!

    I finally got it together to get my preview signing me in to Google Play Services.

    Now i just don't know how to actually show a leaderboard ( or this is disabled in Preview Mode ).

    I actually have the, on start of layout > sign in.

    No worries there. I created a leaderboard in Google Play etc.

    Yet i miss the option to actually show it i guess?

    I can use:

    On touched LeaderBoard > Request public hi-score.

    And than you have:

    On hi-score request complete > ** Show scoreboard?? ** < Thats the one i'm missing.

    I can request the scores, i can trigger a action once the request is complete but how do i actually show the leaderboard itself?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Any 1? Really stuck at this point and i got a deadline to catch

  • Actually i did,

    The problem is not setting up everything for the leaderboards the problem is i see no option to show it.

    Everything is ready and set and works.

    It logs in and everything in Google Play Gamecenter but i have no option to show my leaderboard.

    The link you send ( the second one ) is something i need, yet i am not using CocoonJS anymore.

    But never the less the option you see in that tut:

    Is logged in, is in cocoonjs > Open Leaderboard.

    Thats the function i miss in the GooglePlay plugin, i don't see any Open Leaderboard action.

    All i can choose out is show achievements etc.

    That is the only thing i need to know.

    I searched for everything and actually looked at all links you send before but no solution.

    So that's the problem.

  • If there is any one out here who can help please do so. Really desperate at this moment !


    1. Everything is set up

    2. Sign in is working ( in preview mode ).

    3. When i click my leaderboard button i do a:

    GooglePlay > Request public all-time highscore

    Nothing happens. That can be 2 things,

    It only requests it but i have to do another action to actually show it ( which i can't find! )

    Or, it does request it, should show it but simply doesn't show.

    Please, If any 1 can help me..!

    Thanks in advance!

  • I've never worked with googleplay, but if it's anything like other things in C2, it should be something like this:

    First you will have to wait untill the request is done..

    It's asynchronous so you should have a condition of on highscore request succes (or something like that)

    Then you'd have to make the score appear (setting a text-object to googleplay.highscore?)

    Not sure if this will work, but it seems like the normal way of doing things..

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  • Hi,

    Yes thats true i can actually use Set text to: GooglePlay.TopScore or w/e to get a single score but i want to show a complete leaderboard.

    Thats my main function, using the Game Center itself just like shown below:

  • Hi Allardje,

    Were you able to solve this? I am stuck at the same point.

    Can you please share any ideas? i tried listbox but its actually like a combobox and looks pretty ordinary, didn't like it...


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