How can I show my game to my friends?

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  • Hello there, I'm kinda new to this so sorry if this is obvious.

    I have created a game and I want to let my friends play it, but it isn't finished yet, so I don't want to upload to a site. I know that sending them the project file would probably work but there is some way they can play it without construct 2 installed?

  • Make an account on

    Export your game as a HTML5 export from construct 2

    Upload it to your Public folder of your new dropbox account

    right click the index.html file and choose "Copy Public Link"

    send that link to your friend.

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  • I forgot to mention in the main post that I exported the game for the "HTML 5 website" plataform and tried to run it myself, all I got was a black screen on google chrome, and the same happened to my friend when he tried to run the index file, am I doing something wrong?

  • If you were running it from your computers, then yeah that won't work well. Browsers won't let you run that kind of thing properly for security reasons unless it's from the internet.

    If you're getting a black screen while running it from dropbox, though, then there's some kind of problem.

  • Check the following video/tutorial regarding dropbox.

    Make sure you have a public folder! If not, let me know, and I'll help you out!

    It's actually a Construct 2 tutorial.

  • BTW; have you tried exporting using node webkit? Both you and your friend will have their own exe file (or osx/linux)

  • Also, remember that you can export to an .exe via the Node-Webkit option. This is what I usually use when testing a WIP on other computers or to show other people.

  • Thank you very much guys! :)

  • please note that some of these only work if you have the paid version as free doesn't have all the export options

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