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  • I'm back again with loads of questions.

    I've been trying multiple things, looking at tutorials, and things never work the way I want to.

    For example, I'd like to to be able to shoot in any position (while crouching, running, jumping, etc). Everything I tried failed.

    I also tried to add bullets. It works, somehow, but it doesn't mirror!

    At some point, I'd like to be able to shoot at physic objects and have an impact on them.

    Can you look at this file and help me with the problems above please? (shooting in any position + not mirroring) + (shooting physic objects if possible)

    Platformer test

    I'm really eager to learn, but nobody around me knows this program.

    Doesn't really help...

    I want to emphasize on the fact that I've been trying many things before asking for help here, the problem is that the system I'm using that was almost fully made by Nimtrix is too specific for simply being "inspired" by tutorials.

    I realize that it's already too complicated for a beginner like me, but that's the way I have to learn.


  • Bump :)

  • any chance do you know how to shoot in both directions...just a simple "contra style shooting", i just can't get it to shoot to the left.

  • Hello,

    Nope, that's one of my problems, I don't understand why it won't shoot at both sides.

  • Maybe you want to delete event 7.

    If you want to make the shooted bullet run to mouse, use action: bullet -> set angle toward (Mouse.X,Mouse.Y)

    At event 12, you spawned bullet at layer 0 background (parallax 30,100). You should change it to the same layer with the player.

  • Thanks 01lifeleft, works better!

    Any idea how to be able to shoot in both directions?

    For now it only shoots to the right.


  • Have you checked the how do I FAQ ?

    Section "Sidescroller/Platformer genre"

    et character to shoot right and left - LINK

    Also may I suggest using DropBox for hosting your files freely and without captchas or annoying clicks for the end user ?

  • Hi Kyatric,

    Sorry, I don't have a dropbox account, I'll get one ASAP.

    Yes I've seen this topic, and it didn't help me much as the system I'm using is more complicated than this one. I've tried multiple things, believe me, but I feel lost at this point.

  • When you mirror or flip a sprite it's angle doesn't change, just it's appearance. If your character is facing right with an angle of 0, then when you mirror it, he appears facing left but the angle is still 0. So you need to take that into account when setting the angle of the bullets.

  • Updated the link after Kyatric's comment.

    Platformer test

    ramones > I've tried different things, it didn't work because the system I'm using is using variables and something always prevent it from being triggered...

  • Here you go: shooting.capx (r101)

    Have a look at the changes I made. Hopefully it makes sense.

  • Wow AWESOME, you solved like everything.

    I'm gonna study your changes, hopefully I'll understand out to work this kind of things out.

    Thanks a lot ramones!

  • hey ramones how did you get that X mirrored I cannot reproduce that I click mirror and all i get is mirror not X mirror

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  • nevermind i found it ignore me

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