How do I: Shooting Mechanics and Animation states

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  • So I decided as a little test project I'd make a Megaman Boss battle (don't judge me XD). Everything is going great and I finally got my animation state logic down (I thought it would be easy but it was NOT lol) but my shooting mechanic is having a slight bug. See my shooting mechanic is that on left mouse click he shoots and sets a variable called shooting to 1 so the animation states will set the proper shooting animation(standing, running, jumping) it all works GREAT except that I have a condition that when he releases the mouse button it waits 2 seconds then sets shooting to 0 so it will switch to the normal (non shooting) animations. Thing is after shooting for a little while once I release the left mouse button he stops waiting 2 full seconds to switch the variable and just switches it to 0 immediately after release. I've tried EVERYTHING I can think of but none of it is working D: I'd love some help on this if at all possible.

    turns out I can't share link for capx sorry D:

  • Why are you waiting the two seconds, for animation to finish its cycle?

    Instead of the wait try using an On finished event that sets variable or just chooses next animation

  • It worked except now when I'm running the shot is not spawning at the correct Image point even though I'm certain I'm giving it the correct one. Instead it's spawning at the origin which is at my feet D:

  • Check ALL your image points, each frame has its own... you will need to make sure all the image points in all the frames are right.

    I can't remember if there is an apply to all like their is in collision box menu...

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  • That did it man!

  • That did it man!

  • How old.. NES Megaman had like 2 animations Run and Run and shoot, the rest were just frame poses, stand & shoot, jump, jump & shoot, fall (was just jump pose).

  • No I mean like I want him to switch to running animation without the buster up if he doesn't shoot for a certain given time.

  • Set instance variable for Shooting = 0, change it to 1 when shooting button is pressed event runs and sets it back to 0 when shooting animation ends. Have an event running that compares instance variable Shooting = 0 & Arrow key pressed that start the running animation... so it always restarts the run animation even if the player is still holding down the arrow key.

    You might have to tweak what frame to restart the running animation on so it is not as noticeable to the player as a total restart might be.

  • I actually solved it a different way like 10 min ago (site was down for me so couldn't post) XD Here's what I did:

    • When player fires set shooting to 3 (3 second time out)

    -Whenever Left Mouse Button is not pressed

    - Then while shooting > 0

    - Every 1 second take 1 off shooting

    And there we go

    PS: The fix was sooooooo dumb I literally commented on the logic: Fix was so stupid I feel dumb XD XD XD

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