shooter problem (mirror,gun pin,angle limit)

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  • so im making a shooter platformer game and i have 3 problems..

    the first is: i want to make my sprite mirrored when the mouse pointer goes behind him

    second: i want to limit the aiming angle /not 360

    third: every time i pin another gun that is not already pinned when the layout start it doesnt follow the mouse angle,it doesn't completely move D: a similar topic (named Problem with Platformer aiming toward mouse angle)a user asked question similar to mine but the anwser didn't suit for my case,

    if you want i can write all the event sheet here if it helps you find an answer for my problem...right now i cannot post images so that's the only way...

    thanks a lot for helping me :) you guys are great ;)

  • for your first question:

    system compare two values: mouse.x < player.x - player set mirrored.

    else: player set not mirrored.

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  • 1+2 with mirroring the shooting angle as well:

    in this example the weapon could only face upwards, but setting up the instance variables can change it to any range (small forward cone etc)

    3: not sure without seeing the capx, workaround could be moving and rotating it with events (e.g. at each tick - set position to player (or a thing attached to him) and set angle to player.fireangle)

  • thank you guys^^ ;))

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