How do I shoot in a platformer also to left direction

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  • Hi guys... I am new and becoming crazy....

    to shoot in a platformer also to left direction I found this sentence below ...but dod not understand how to mange it in my event sheet...can somebody help me ?

    A common question is how to make the player shoot left and right, since even when mirrored the player will still shoot objects to the right. To solve this, use the Is mirrored condition, and if it is true, shoot to the left instead.



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  • .... another thing... I manged it to set the angle to 180...but now if I walk right & left the bullet goes also in the direction of the player...I need that "one" the bullet has a should not change again the direction after I shoot...but it must stay on it's way.... heeelp

  • When shooting to the left, change it's speed to a negative number. That's how I do it.

    If player sprite is mirrored, set bullet speed to -800, if player sprite is not mirrored, set to 800

  • hi thanks...but how can it go on with the beginning direction...and not change it as soon the player changes direction ?

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