How do I make shoot animation while jumping and moving

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  • working on my littile project. i try to lern new things. and i made moving animation without mirored. there are 5 animations : idle,walk right,walk left, attackright,attackleft.. and i used pin behaviour. but its complicated. there is no problem until 7.action. but i said platform is moving and the other event. when i press space , there is no shoot animation. and i said player is on floor. set animation idle. now i try to walk but system play idle animation. Please help me guys.

  • come on guys help me im waiting for you. i wamt to solve it. i wont sleep tonight.

  • Why are you using too many animations?, you just need (jumping,walking,idle and maybe shooting)

    and then you can mirror them.

    You could attach the capx so i could clean this up.

    see the image below and try to do something like it..


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  • i know that i can make like that but using mirroed is not realistic.he turn right and shoot with right hand. then he turn left he shoot with left hand.

    i almost complate this game. but its not realistic. i need to solve this.

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