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  • Hello I have only been working with this software for a day or two and things are going well but i seem to have come to an impass. I am trying to set things up so that when my play crouches the system waits for 1 second and then moves the window down so you can see if there are any platforms below you. The system seems to be working fine accept for the delay. I can not seem to get this delay working for the life of me i have tried the wait command but it doesn't seem to do anything (in this context - of course i know it does something when used correctly)

    could anyone possibly have a look at my cap and let me know if they have any ideas? Thank you so much in advance!

  • Something like this:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Use 'on key pressed' instead of 'key is down' so the event only fires once and not continuously. And the check in event 26 so it doesn't scroll back up while the down key is still down.

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  • awesome i dont have time to try this right this second but i will play with it later tonight and let you know my results

  • aaaand boom goes the dynamite! That sorted it for me thank you so much you're awesome! :D

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