sharing a game on google drive

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  • Hi!

    We have exported the html5 project to our google drive folder. We have shared the folder but...

    We can�t get it to work! I don�t know which file to share. Is it the index file? (doesn�t work). The whole gamefolder? (doesn�t work and makes no sense) Which file actually runs the game? And please again, how would the correct adress to the game look like? It seems that there are a few adifferent answers out there and since we can�t get it to work we kinda fumbling in the dark here. Please don�t point us to any tutorials, �cause we�ve read them all. :-(

    Thank you

  • The problem is... google drive/dropbox/ etc etc don't always work.

    Answer whole game folder so you browse to url/gamefolder/

    The index.html makes it work

    Your best bet is to host your game online. Found this the other day, its free and works remarkably well. Your own website for free.

    Free Web Hosting

    I create folders

    mygames.url/game1/exported project files

    mygames.url/game2/exported project files

    And I just browse to mygames.url/game2/

    EDIT: I know you said you don't want to be pointed to tutorials, but this is nice walk thru with google drive.

    WalkThru with Google DRive

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  • Hi!

    Thank you so much for your reply. I ended up following the new tutorial at the end and i worked like a charm. Thanx! :-)

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