How do I Share Sprites Between Projects / Games

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  • Hi,

    Sorry if i'm missing something obvious, but is there a way to share or save (for example) a character you've made in one game for use in another?

    I've tried simply copying and pasting a sprite between projects but it seems to only copy frame 1 of a sprite and doesn't copy the animations along with it. (I know the coding won't move along with it, but that seems easy to copy and paste across)

    Also if you've put a character together with multiple sprites pinned together is there any way of exporting that whole creation.

    Thanks for any advice

  • Break open the capx into a caproj and copy the folder containing the animation frames that you want to port over and copy/paste that folder into it's equivalent in your new project folder.

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  • Thanks for the quick reply gumshoe2029!

    I'll use that method for now, is there no sign of this becoming a more user friendly option in future releases?

    Would be nice to export and import within the program.

    Still thanks again

  • Hey, it's better than having to use the command line interface. :-p

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