share a single collision poly across all ANIMS?

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  • Hi,

    Often its useful in a game for an object to have the same exact collision mask across all frames of all animations. I see you can tell Construct2 to share a collision poly across all frames in the current anim, but what about across the entire object (all animations)?

    Right now I've got bugs caused by the fact that I've got collision poly differences between animations.

    Is there a way to solve this (without using a second sprite as a collision mask for all objects?) If it does not yet exist, can this feature be added?


  • +1 for sharing collision polygons, imagepoints and origins across all frames in all animations. I would have needed this feature a lot.

    by the way

    : I'm dying to use a Spriter plugin for Construct2. I hope, there will be one soon.

  • cropping and resizing all frames in all animation (and by percentage) would be a nice feature too. ;)

  • Lucid's first priority is getting Spriter feature complete, rock solid and cross-platform at 1.0. I think we might have someone ligned up to help with the construct2 plug, but not sure. I'll ask Edgar.


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  • I just realized, the reason The C2 dev's might not have added this feature is because imported frames are likely to have diferent sizes per animation (and frame too after cropping) and right now, the "use for all frames" option places the collision poly's based on raw x,y coordinates based on the top left of the image.

    There's a simple solution though:

    Use for all frames (top left)

    Use for all frames (image point 0)

    Use across all animations (top left)

    Use across all animations (image point 0)

    obviously this new option would place the collision polygon based relative to the image point instead of top left.

    This would fix it for most people in most cases, even when each frame and anim is totally diferent sizes etc.

  • Otherwise, We'be be forced to make each frame of each animation exactly the same size which would be a huge waste of time and pain in the butt...

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