How do I share a ScreenShot on Facebook.

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  • Hello!

    I'm making a app for the school where i work and i was trying to make a button that will share a SnapShot of canvas and share it on Facebook, but i dont know how to share the SnapShot, i tried using the facebook options but none of the options allow it. I even tried to put the Snapshot on the Picture URL but didnt work...

    Does anyone have a ideia?

  • You would need the picture to be uploaded somewhere. If you have a website have construct upload to the website then put the url of its location in the form in your screenshot.

  • thx for the quick anwser, but how do you recommend i do that, i never saw anything that allow me to make a upload on construct.

  • It has been awhile since I did it personally, but the way I did it was with a base64 version of the image. this then sent to my server using a post with ajax, my server then saved this as an image. the image URL was returned to the construct app.

    It has been awhile, there might be better methods now. If you do a forum search on base64 you might find some more help too.

  • It isnt possible that way. You would need to utilize additional Javascript code in order to upload a canvas snapshot.

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  • Is there a detailed and up to date tutorial for this problem? I found one that uses a private MySQL server and PHP script, but also Webstorage, which has been phased out. Facebook object is pretty limited in its capabilities.

    In fact, a Scirra-run MySQL server would be nice added value for paid licence users, along with some help on Javascript fo sharing screenshots, inviting friends, posting to friends' walls etc. This is quite crucial nowadays for viral marketing.

  • You might try this 3rd party plugin, which uploads image to parse server and gets a public url back.

  • Rex, thank you. Will look into it, looks like The Solution! I'll try to figure out posting to friends' walls, it can be done with JS in theory.

  • Hi Rex,

    Parse services have been stopeed so new users cant register .. NOw how to upload screenshot and share on facebook?

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