How do I share scores by SMS/email/etc.? (Android)

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  • Hi!

    I'm gonna make a simple game on Android.

    I'd like to include some virality features, like share by SMS/mail/twitter in Flappy Bird (screenshot taken on iPhone but know what I mean).

    Is there a way to call that kind of "native share functions" (?) in C2?

    Thanks for you help!


  • I have not seen this so far, but I would suggest you to try to link with some php code like the facebook share button. (there is a good tutorial on that). Basically, you call a php page using Webbrowser action and that php code, hosted everywhere, can call a sms gateway, email server, ...

    hope it helps

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  • Hi Ragtime,

    I actually got "mailto:" working across all platforms.. you can see how in this thread:

    To save you time, here's the important Info:

    Update! This wasn't working on IOS devices, so I needed to encode the text for the subject and body AND IOS DEMANDS AN EMAIL ADDRESS!!!, like so:!&

    I solved the mailto issue on safari IOS!!!!!!! The trick is to make sure to use browser/go to URL and NOT browser/open in new window specifically for mailto....for opening facebook or twitter pre-populated posts, you want to use browser/open in new window.



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