How do I SHARE my score for Facebook for Android?

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  • Hi in my game i have a score

    i want to share that score on facebook.

    on facebook i opened my developer section added the API ID to the facebook plugin and the SECRET KEY also.

    NOW in the construct 2 app i added just a buton, when i clic i want just to send the score to facebook.

    The game is developed for Android, and i export that with cordova, and after i use Intel XDK (last build) and export to crosswalk android

    I can't find a FULL tutorial how to achive this, the basic tutorial from scirra is outdated (2011), facebook is updated numerous times a year, api, etc..


    Im looking for a real help because im just stuck with that, how to share my score with facebook for an Android game.

    is no recent tutorial HOW TO, do this step by step.


  • Facebook needs certain permissions to use the game scoring... because of them updating the API, is hard to keep updated...

    Use FacebookComplete... It lets you pick the permissions your asking for...

    Although I find Facebook a huge pain to work with... because:

    • You have to add the URL you will be using it on. (which is annoying for testing)
    • You have to use their fake accounts, which don't work very well.
    • Changing API...

    ... and more

    I'm assuming your looking for the leaderboard of your friends?

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  • i wans just to share the app or the last score of the user just on facebook

    Actually in Intel XDK

    "Given URL is not allowed by the Application configuration: One or more of the given URLs is not allowed by the App's settings. It must match the Website URL or Canvas URL, or the domain must be a subdomain of one of the App's domains."

  • o, I thought you wanted to have a Facebook leaderboard...

    Check your Facebook developer panel... Did you add your URL in there? (for testing put in http://localhost:50000)

  • well actually like i said i need to know what to add for making my bouton "share score" working directly with facebook, need step by step tutorial because the origina ltutorial facebook is outdated (2011) not working!

  • Can someone HELP with a RECENT example (not from 2010...) on HOW to add facebook working plugin?

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