How do I share score with facebook link?[BROWSER NOT PLUGIN]

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  • Hi, I just discovered this usefull link -> <-

    I am just wondering how can i inser a variable there in the text:

    for example :


    I must add there a variable for example highscore, i've tried to put it like this

    "Your%20Highscore%20is%20"&highscore" ... "

    but after &highscore Construct doesn't take the link anymore, or it's not displayed.

    Just to know the code is like this:

    On "Facebook" button clicked -> Browser -> go tu Url "[the url above]"

    I think this is the easiest way to share on FB


  • use URLEncode(Variable)


  • korbaach But I think i can't integrate a variable there, as i said i need to integrate a variable in that url.

    A variable in another variable ?

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  • korbaach

    YES, I suck, got it

    Thank you very very much!

  • it

    I'm glad to hear that..

    so this is the link split into multiple lines..
    If someone else needs help..just replace content in URLEncode brackets..with variable or text
  • korbaach

    I'm just asking have you ever done somehthing like this :

    For example give a player +100 coins if they share on facebook ?

    It's easy to do like

    On button click - > go to link

    -> give 100 coins

    But is any event so check if he also post it or it's impossible ?

    Thanks again for that help mate!

  • korbaach

    And another Question, does this "thing" with browser works good on Mobile Phone ?

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