How do I share a canvas snapshot on Twitter?

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  • Hello!

    I have a couple of questions regarding canvas snapshots in Construct 2, the main one being: You know how in some games and applications you can choose to save a screenshot or share it on Twitter, Facebook, etc? I would like to know if that's possible in Construct 2 with the canvas snapshot and if yes, how can it be done?

    And also is there a way to keep the canvas snapshot the same size regardless if the game/app is in fullscreen or not? Example, keep the snapshot 640x420 regardless if the app is 1440x810 or 1920x1080 or 1280x760 etc. This is to avoid snapshots taken on smaller screens from being too small compared with bigger screens. But I imagine a smaller snapshot enlarged to 640x420 is going to look very bad.

    Here's what I have been working on if you're curious. Fullscreen here, graphics are kinda blurry because I built in 1440x810. An oversight, I should rebuild in HD 1080.

    Any help appreciated. Thank you!

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