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  • Hello C2 Community

    I have been developing a game that heavily use Shake effect, at different magnitudes and durations.

    Scroll is applied to camera, ad I am really struggling to get the desire amount of shake since different situations require different shake settings, in short word, i am noticing that the settings are getting muddled up, so I get a weak shake when I want a strong one and viceversa.

    How can I handle this?

    Do you know a more reliable way to shake things up?

    Please help!


  • I found out why I was getting unexpected shacking magnitude, basically different shake inputs were happening at the same time, so only the last one was showing on screen, kind of overraiding the others.

    Still interested on Shake alternatives though, any suggestions are welcome.


  • A simple method would be to use a variable bool to set a "shake" state.

    In the state you just set the scrollx to scrollx + random(-10,10).

    In the initialisation you would store the original scrollx, and set the bool.

    You could then add a system wait in that event and reset the bool, then the scroll to its origin.

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  • Thank you Newt,

    I ll look into that.


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