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  • Hey friends,

    today I played around with the Pseudo-3D behaviour a bit.

    Now I want an object to shake a little when I press a key. I searched the forum and found the scroll to behaviour, but when I use it on the object and set up the event, nothing happens.

    I guess it�s the wrong for my purpose.

    maybe someone of you has an answer...

    Have a great one,


  • I don't have much experience with that function, but I seem to remember something about needing either "unbounded scrolling" on, or be scrolled away from the edges out into a larger layout. If it's against a locked edge, it can't move (jiggle) the screen past it or something.

  • I made a shake function for my latest game that I'm working on. The function uses the LiteTween behaviour to do the movement. You'l need to install that to see my example.

    Here's the CAPX

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  • I guess the scroll to behavior only works for the whole screen, does�t it? I just want to add a little effect to one object...somehow like the flash behavior.

    Also I can�t set unbounded scrolling to on, cause it would destroy my whole layout :)


    I don�t have construct here at work, but I�ll give it a go at home. :) Thank you!

  • use the sine behaviour with a very low magnitude (1 or 2 ?) and period (0.1 ?)then alter the wave shape to triangle. Activate sine on keypress else deactivate.

    edit - just thought, the object could be slightly off from it's start point using this method (depending when you deactivate the sine) so you might need to store it's x,y and restore them after.

  • Oh well, that sounds good too and it works without external Plug-Ins.

    Will give that a go too!

    Thank you guys!

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