How do I shake the camera against the layout borders ?

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  • Hi. It's more a generalistic question about moving the camera further than the layout borders.

    My point is pretty simple : is it possible ?

    Actually when my character is around a corner of my layout, the camera shaking doesn't work at all, and that's quite ugly.

    I'm considering making a bigger layout, then a "sub-layout" with invisible borders. But that's not a pretty solution because all the conditions relative to the layout won't work (destroy outside layout, bound to layout...).

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  • I don't think I understand what you mean? You will always look through the camera. Why would you move it outside the borders?

    Anyway since im not 100% sure what you mean this might be way off, what you need But then you can just ignore it.

    But if you make the layout lets say 2000px wide.

    Then you make a check that "if player.X < than 200" then he cant move further that way, and then you do the same on the other side "if Player.x > than layout.width - 200". Then you would have 200 px on each side. Maybe then the camera can shake.

    Anyway as I said not sure its what you refer to

  • u can shake it by moving the scene area , or the screen area, try those in System>Screen /or/Scene events i know for a fact u can tilt the angle if that's what u ask for, but for sure ul be able to tilt it straight left right also

  • Amazing.

    The only downside is that the shake effect has a lack of options, as I was previously using magicam.

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