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  • Hello everyone! I was wondering how to make the shadow not black is there a way making it so the shadow is a different image which is the same image but with (blur) as I'm trying to make the different type of fog... NOT war of fog! I wanted to make so you cant see where the shadows are! But I had difficulties finding this on forum! Thank you guys for any help you give me with that!

    Something like that:

    The blur is a different image the main one is that is not with blur. I hope You guys understood me if not tell me! Thanks again!

  • I cannot see the image you posted. But to make a blurred shadow, use the Brush tool (in Sprite Editor) and keep the hardness as 0 and black color with a reasonable size.

    You can even resize it or make a different shape, and later make its opacity to around 70% so that it looks realistic.

  • Thanks Hasan999 But is there a way changing the black color? To a image which is with blur already through the Photoshop!

    As I still want to see the map but I want it to be with blur only where the shadow is. Is there any way of doing that ?

  • Alright now the image loaded perfectly.

    Yes! You can do exactly that effect to any image (Sprite) on Construct 2.

    Using Effects. (check on the left hand side, under behaviors). Use "Blur" effect, you can even set the amount of blur.

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  • Hmm but that will just blur the sprite which i already blur it in Photoshop!

    I mean how can I change this black color of shadows

    To this Image, where the black shadow is make it so that part of this image is shown ?

    This is something like fog of war but im trying to make it with shadows so the player cant see the outside behind the walls if he is in the building.

  • Okay

    To do effects on shadows

    Your going to need to download node webkit

    Once thats installed or downloaded use this to test all future builds(to do this go into your prefrences and change the customer webbrowser to node webkit)

    Once you have done this. Look at tutorials on webgl this is the only way it would be done but i havent really tried it

    I hope it works

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