How do I Make shadow with Blend

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  • Hello Scirra Community.

    I tried to make a dark place, with a black layer, not transparent and another one on it that "cut a hole" on the black one, to make something like a light in a dark area.

    I mean ... i used the blend effect to make a hole on a black, not transparent, layer, to make it look like a light in the darkness.

    But, the blend effect is only using the form of the object, so, when i use a light sprite, i have a circle hole, not a hole with the texture of the light. And on the black layer, i made a gradient to look like a penumbra in an area but not in an other one. I used a sprite but the layer see it as a rectangle and the gradient and transpacency disapears.

    I tried directly on sprites and not on layers, but i have the same results, the sprite become a black rectangle and loses it texture.

    I need to know how to blend, or cut a hole in a sprite.

    Thank you!

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  • I found a solution... just go to the layer properties and select "Force own texture"

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