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  • First of all, here is the link to my game file :

    I have several questions I need help to work out. If you have an answer format it like this:

    1. (answer)


    The number corresponding to the question. Okay, lets get started.

    1. Slimelvl1 all move with each other, and it seems like the x < player thing is specified to 1 slime and if you go over that slime it will mirror all of them.

    2. I want the slimes just to wander around until they see you, and then chase you. I cant figure out how to do that. If you know please explain with much detail on how to do it because I seem to have a pea sized brain.

    3. I want to know how to make it so when you kill the boss slime it senses that they are all dead, as in slimeboss through slimebosseighth. I want it to sense when they are all dead, then it will go to next room.

    4. I want to know how to make the camera follow you when you go up, and not just side to side.

    5. I want to make the laser gun have a bar GUI at the top, and every time you shoot it goes up, but if you stop it goes down. If it reaches all the way to the top of the bar it locks and you have to wait for it to go back down (similar to star wars 64.)

    6. I want it so when you kill the boss it drops slime boots, which allow you to walk on walls.

    7. And finally, I want to know how to make it so when you shoot the slimes they turn red for a split second, then go back to normal.

    I know I am a little over my head with all this stuff, but I really want to know.

    Thanks so much, Tabor :D

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  • First. Why you Have many Sprites of the Bosses?

    Use same Sprite but when you Spawn the Other sub Bosses just resize.

    If you give me 3 Days I will fix all you want.

    <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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