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Several elements of the game interface hidden objects
  • How do I go about creating sprites to load randomly but they initially result in different actions? For example if you were hit by an object A perhaps it will deal 50 damage and object B on the other hand deals 100 damage. Or would I have to do it individually and set them myself?

    How do I changed the tiled background after x amount of time. Like if for example have a more ground like scenery and after 1 min or so I'm in the sky and I'd wish to change the tiled background. Any suggestions

    I read the tutorial about minimum memory usage etc and I'm trying my best this includes incorporating the different screen sizes as well. I'm currently using full screen scaling (off). Any suggestions?

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  • Just another question, I've been embedding a certain font known as 'Huxley Titling' throughout my game. For my first layout (title screen) the font could be noticed by my friends who have been testing it. But on the other pages, the text boxes that include the font do not show up and its just a blank. Any thoughts about this? I've added the font in the Files tab for the game but it still isn't helping

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