Several problems that appeared after switching to PhoneGap

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  • I used to build my app with Intel XDK, and successfully test it on mobile. However, after their build system was retired, and because of the enormous APK size I had to switch to PhoneGap.

    After I sucessfully built my app, I have downloaded a debug apk to my phone and installed it. However, I am facing some problems that were not a case for Intel XDK.

    1. The window of the project is a little downscaled and there are is a black area on the right and on the left, while on the bottom, there is something like a bar that you could barely see, and I think that's what causes the window to change size.

    Note that I haven't changed the size of the window, and when I used to build the app with Intel XDK the window would fit the whole screen.

    2. The project lags more than before and the screen flashes occasionally. This was a case when I would test my app without installing it (using Intel App Preview), but not when I actually installed it.

    3. The project does not load and save data to local storage, and I don't know why.

    4. Sounds start playing only after I touch the screen. I know this is a case for iOS, but I am building my app for Android...

    Will these problems disappear once I install the regular apk that requires your Google Play key and all that stuff? I still don't have a Google Developer Account so I can't test that out. Maybe somebody more experienced on this subject could help me?


  • Come on guys, there has to be someone that uses PhoneGap.... :/

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  • Search topic bar is your friend!

  • Sorry but that thread has nothing to do with my question. I am not building with Intel XDK, and there's no force that will make me create a package for PhoneGap because the APK size is insane..

    The building for PhoneGap is successful and the APK size is perfect, however, I wanna know if the changes I mentioned above will remain when I build the regular apk (not the debug one)....

  • I'm having similar issues, but my apps are for IOS. I've used XDK successfully, and now need to make changes only to find XDK is retired. I used phonegap build one of my apps and it worked, but not entirely. Any layout using the behavior "pathfinder" didn't load properly. I also read on this forum somewhere that phonegap build always makes it so notifications are on which isn't allowed for kid apps.

    Now I have no idea what to do next.

  • Actually the problem with LocalStorage had nothing to do with PhoneGap, I've fixed it. However, I can't find a way to solve the problem with the window and sound, without adding Crosswalk WebView, it drastically increases the APK size.. :/

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