How do I Setup this project's optimal resolution

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  • Hello, noob question here however:

    I am using these assets: and I am trying to figure out the optimal Window Size for them.

    I am also trying to figure out what to set the parallax to for the background.

    The backgrounds come in at 1920x1080 and 2048x1536. The tileset is 32x32.

    I am making the game for mobile (Android specifically but possibly any platform I can).

    This will be my first project to be released as I get to know Game Development more.

  • Pixelart usually does best with letterbox integer scale..

    Not really sure if that will work very well on mobile though..

    You might want to implement your own scaling..

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  • Alright. I am using Letterbox Integer Scale already, but I figured out that 640,360 seems to looked good. It's the "Lowest" 16:9 aspect ratio. Testing it out a bit more.

    Any tips on what I should set for parallax for a 1920x1080 background so that it looks good with the scene?

  • wow, i have been struggling all day with different layout sizes to accommodate my android devices and everything seemed to yield odd results.... after reading your post i scaled everything back to 640,360 and use "scale inner" when previewing over Wi-Fi and im finally getting the results i was hoping for!

    things are a tiny bit off on my s5 versus my old motorola zoom tablet... but it looks like its mainly caused by the browser url window

    anyway, back to tweaking! and thanks for the post, ya really pulled me outta my rabbit hole!


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