How do I setup local network preview?

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  • I have followed setting up the local preview on my network and I am unable to get it working.

    Steps taken:

    Setup preview server port 50000 and my laptops local ip

    Restarted construct2 as administrator

    Allowed incoming connections in windows firewall on port 50000

    When I use another device (another laptop, iphone, ipad) using chrome and safari it times out

    and tells me the server is not responding..

    Am I missing something here?

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  • Did you test it up as: on the other devices or did you just use the ip address? You'll want to tack on the ":50000"

  • Yes, I added the port number

  • You need to preview your game and then start it remotely - at least this was my problem at first.

  • By preview do you mean run it on my local laptop in a browser before opening on remote device? .. if so I am doing this

  • Yes,

    start local laptop preview > then start remote browser

    also your IP address could be changed every time you connect to your WIFI

    best practice is to visit your router and - if possible - give your laptop (MAC adress) a fixed/preferred IP or change your laptop to a static address.

    Can you ping your laptop?

    From another computer open command prompt (cmd) and type "ping"

    On a phone you need an app like FING for Android

  • Thanks for your suggestions appears to be a win8 network issue, cannot ping, even after I disable firewall

  • Try localhost or

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