How do I setup my Linux launch options on Steam?

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  • Right now I'm setting up my game on Steam with the builds from nw.js, and while I'm having no trouble with the windows version, the Linux version doesn't launch. I have the executable set to be the package.nw, but nothing happens when I try to launch the game. I've read that a command needs to be ran to make the game executable (chmod +x nw or something like that), but I have no idea how to set it up so that steam can do that automatically for the player so they can get right into the game without fiddling.

    I know next to nothing about Linux unfortunately, so I'm very much lost.

    Ashley I figure if anyone would know how to do this it would be you.

  • I am sorry i am going a little bit off topic, and i dont have the awnser to your question. But i hope you can help me. How did you do it with windows version with the steam lauch options setup? How do you setup steam launch options with the nwsj file. Did you just upload the nwjs file trough steampipe or did you convert the nwjs file to a real exe file? Do you have an example how you did it with windows version? I hope others can help you with your question

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  • With the windows version I set just set the launch options to target the nw.js executable. This is done in the application setting on the Steamworks website.

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