How do I setup a Google Play product

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  • Hi

    Basically what I am asking is this. I have created a game like "Duck hunt" and now when a person is done shooting the ducks and wants to buy the package that lets them shoot aliens, how do I set that up. Does the in-game product I put in Google Play must that be a patch or something, basically how does it work.

    I am sorry if this is not the right place for this question, I have looked all over the forums and they have been helpful with setting up the shop and creating the store, I just don't know how to setup the in-game product so that when the purchase is made that it updates the media and code to allow for what they purchased.

    I hope what I am asking makes sense.

  • I am searching the exact same thing this period.

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  • Hi Michaelb

    I was wondering if you have managed to find anything, as I am still looking and my deadline for the app is almost over.

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