How do I setup collision on single instance

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  • Hi all,

    I'm just playing around with Construct 2 and have run into a snag.

    I have a hitbox sprite (platform) and a box sprite (solid and platform). When I left click the box sprite the sprite sets its gravity to 0 and floats around and follows the mouse. When it collides with the player's hitbox it sets its collision to disabled so that it can pass through the player. When its over 100 pixels away it re-enables collision. No the perfect way of allowing one object to pass through the player when its click but its the only way I could figure out to do it.

    Here is the issue - on my Layout, I control click and drag to create a second block object. The new block, on collision does not deactivate collision. The original block does work properly. And if I click the second block and then collide the hitbox with the original the second block will pass through properly.

    I assume the collision command is only checking for collision with the original block and not the one I have clicked. How do I only get it to check the instance I have clicked for collision rather than the original?

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    Link to capx above.

    Click the brown box closest to you, it hits you. Click the original one that is slightly farther away and it passes through.

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