Setting Sprites Invisible To Stop Actions

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  • Hey.

    I'm creating a single player boat shooter game and you unlock new turrets on your ship my gaining more points. Currently, all but one turret are invisible, but whenever you shoot, all the turrets shoot, even the invisible turrets. Is there anyway to ignore shooting command while set invisible?


  • You will need to use the enable turret / disable turret actions.

  • You will need to use the enable turret / disable turret actions.

    I mean the turrets don't have the turret behavior, I just call them turrets. They're just sprites which shoots bullets at a image point.

    Any other ideas?

  • On every tick, you could add a sub-event by pressing b, then c for a condition, select your turret object, type in "is visible", select it, and put your shooting events there.

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  • The key with Construct2 instance selection is "picking" (read about it in manual, its essential). Basically you need to make sure you are picking the instance you want to be doing something, otherwise it picks all instances of the type specified. You pick instances using conditions in your events. In Bloodshot's example you are picking the "visible" sprite to act on. You can pick using basically anything that singles out a specific object... closest, furthest, visible, X-visible, on-screen, X-on-screen, UID, instance variables, etc. to name just a few.

  • Yar as above, 'turret is visible' condition on the shooting event.

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