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  • Hi guys

    Fairly new to C2. I'm hoping to make a turn based game where you set waypoints for the player to follow. Unfortunatly I'm having a bit of trouble going about this.

    I've been looking around at the plugins and they seem to be more based around setting waypoints in the editor (eg. enemy paths) rather than at run time. The closest I found was this one from Kyatric, but am I correct in thinking it only supports one source and destination?

    I noticed a lot of people talking about the RTS behavior, but is only for an older version of Constructor?

    Does anyone have any resources they could point out? Tutorials or samples that might be around? Are setting waypoints a lot more complex than it seems on the surface? :)

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  • To my knowledge there is no "easy" way to do this at the moment.

    I am making a RTS hybrid style of game at the moment and can tell you I am having success with using bullet behaviour for movement and simply putting down a marker where I click the mouse, the unit will then move towards that marker and stop when it hits it (no pathfinding involved though). However this could be expanded to allow you to put down as many waypoints as you would like.

    I would start with a platformer if this is your first game, by the end of that you will be better equiped to solve the problems you will face.

    Im sure at some point in the future we will have the RTS behaviour that is availabe in Construct Classic.

  • boolean - you can try and look for a thread from R0j0Hound. He has a really cool but simple example using the lerp function.

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