Setting a color to act transparent in spritesheet

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  • Hi all,

       In many programming libraries and tools I've played with in the past you could set a specific color to act as a null or transparent color. I usually like doing this when I can especially considering almost all the sprite sheets I work with have an off color acting as a background around all the character animations. Does construct two have such a feature?

  • it maybe come in a next release =]

  • That would be great to see. Right now I'm gonna be forced to cut each from and use gimp to make the transparencies around each character. Gonna be a pain in the rump. ^^:

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  • Answer by Ashley

    As alpha layering is supported and that pixel manipulation might be unhandy in JS, color to transparency probably won't be a feature of C2.

    Also in GIMP, take your spritesheet, use the tool "select color" set it's tolerance to 0 and select the background color. Be sure that your layer has an alpha channel and delete the selection. This should do the trick for your whole spritesheet.

    A little search would have given you the answer.

    I also edited the title of the topic.

  • Thanks and thanks. Guess I'll just have to fix it in gimp real quick.

  • What I have done, to streamline the process, is to design all my sprites with the same color for alpha transparency. When you design the game, you have that ugly color all around, but when you export the game, you can go to the "media" folder, take all the sprites in a go in Gimp or ImageMagick, and set to alpha color for everybody in a snap...

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