Setting Animation Frame stops event firing?

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    So when a mosquito flies over a hand object it should continually subtract one from the health.

    However the event only fires the first time.

    If I disable the "set animation frame" action then health is continously decreased.

    What is going on?

  • ok this is easy to fix .

    click on the object > then click on animation "edit" in the left side > click on the animation you want (eg. move the one that you want to make it continue moving) then see in left side there is a speed,loop...

    click on loop to "yes". and done!

    i can't imagen what you are working on so this the thing i knew about animation!

  • Thanks for the reply, but it doesn't seem to make the difference.

    I set loop to yes. Speed is at 0. (I don't actually want to animate it)

    I just want to display a different picture on contact.

    Frame 0 is black mosquito.

    Frame 1 is red mosquito.

    When the mosquito touches the hand it should turn red and continue to subtract 1 from the health when still touching.

    I set the frame to 1 so it turns red, but it no longer subtracts 1 from the health, except the very first time.

  • Check the collision polygon for the frame 1, it's probably not overlapping the hand anymore.

    To be sure, post your capx on the forum. (host it on dropbox)

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  • Aha!<img src="smileys/smiley38.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Excellent, I must have changed the collision polygon between frame.

    Got it working now, thanks!

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